Yeovil Openspace

Yeovil Openspace (also known as Larkhill Openspace) is my local patch: it's small suburban park on Larkhill, North Yeovil. It consists of rough vegetation and grassland with a small wooded area and a small stream.

Yeovil Openspace

The site is great for migrant passerines considering its suburban location; Garden Warblers are seen annually, and Nightingale, Common Redstart, Reed Warbler, Lesser Whitethroat, Wood Warbler, Yellow-Browed Warbler, Spotted and Pied Flycatchers and Hawfinches have all been recorded.


Park in Abbey Manor Park near The Arrow pub. Walk East past the Tesco Express and take the zebra crossing over stourton way, walk down the steps until you reach the Cycle Path. The area in front of you is Yeovil Openspace.

Red = Footpaths

Along the cycle path is the stream where Grey Wagtails can be seen in Autumn and Winter. Turning left along the cycle path will take you to a small patch of vegetation and some trees on the Left side of the path which is the area where most of the migrants are seen. Across the bridge is a large area of vegetation where Bullfinch and very occasionally Common Whitethroat can be seen. Heading up the hill will take you to the wooded area where Bullfinch and Siskin are sometimes seen (the numbers of these species vary greatly year to year), also Woodcock and Hawfinch has been recorded here in Winter and Wood Warbler in spring.

Yellow-Browed Warbler - Yeovil Openspace

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